How can we help you?


How can we help you?

Our site is currently down for maintenance.

Why was my ad removed?

Your ad was removed because it was either a duplicate of another ad or an ad for a prohibited item or service.


Your ad will be flagged as a duplicate if it contained a similar Ad Title, Description, Price, and/or Photos of an existing or a recently deleted ad. We removed it to give a fair chance to other users such as yourself to have their ads on the first page upon posting.


Your ad may also have been taken down because you posted an ad for an item or service that’s not allowed on


Here’s a list of the items and services that cannot be sold on OLX and other important guidelines to take note of.

To post a different ad, please fill up the sell form again.

Did we get this wrong? Please let us know! Visit our Help Center and send us your inquiry using this form.