How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How do I avail ad-boosting packages?

How to avail Ad-Boosting Package in OLX?

Log in to your OLX account on the mobile site and wait to be redirected to the Manage Ads page. Once in the Manage Ads page, apply an Ad Boosting Package by doing the following:

1. Select the ad you want to boost

2. Choose “Boost” 

3. On the Boosting Features window, select “Recommended”

4. Apply either the Basic, Premium, or VIP package

5. Double-check your selections before confirming

6. Proceed to payment

7. Choose among the available payment options

Go to your Ads and select ‘Boost’

You will see the total amount to pay for your selected feature. When you’re happy with your settings, proceed by agreeing to the terms and conditions and clicking ‘Proceed to payment’.

You will also receive an email, containing your receipt.