How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Sponsored Ads (OLX)

How to avail Sponsored Ads in OLX?

Log in to your OLX account and wait to be redirected to the Manage Ads page. Once in the Manage Ads page, apply the Sponsored Ad feature by doing the following:

1. Select the ad you want sponsored

2. Choose “Boost” among the paid ad features

You will be asked to set the number of days and the daily bid amount.

An ad can be sponsored for 1 day and 7 days. Bids determine how frequently your ad will be shown in the Sponsored Ad boxes on a particular day


1 bid is approximately equivalent to 1,000 impressions (times displayed in a day)

Recommended bid is P35 - 50 a day.

The higher the bid, the more likely it will appear for buyers!!

3. On the Boosting Features window, select “Sponsor”

4. Double-check your purchase before confirming

5. Proceed to payment

6. Choose among the available payment options

You will see the total amount to pay for your selected feature and settings. When you’re happy with your settings, proceed by agreeing to the terms and conditions and clicking ‘Proceed to Payment’.

You will also receive an email, containing your receipt.  


How to verify if your ad has been sponsored:

To check if your ad appears in the Sponsored Ad boxes, make sure you type the WHOLE TITLE OF YOUR AD in the search bar when you search. Refrain from using vague and generic keywords.

In the example above, searching for “samsung s3 for sale” yielded the sponsored ad with the ad title.