How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What is a Paid ad slot or Single Posting?

When you want to sell even more

OLX puts a limit on the number of free ads a user can post to provide buyers a vibrant marketplace of relevant search results and to provide sellers with quality inquiries. However, for legitimate sellers like you, this isn’t a problem. OLX also offers Paid Ad Slots.

Like free ads, paid Ad Slots are valid for 28 days.

Each category of ads has a specific number of free ad slots allocated per user. When these are filled, users can avail of additional slots. The costs of these depend on the category as well.



No. of Free Ads

Cost of Succeeding Ads

Date Effective

Real Estate for Sale   1 P200 No Change in Structure
Real Estate for Rent   1 P200 No Change in Structure

Cars & Automotives/

Motorcycles and Scooters

  1 P900 No Change in Structure
Jobs   1 P150 No Change in Structure
Baby Stuff and Toys


Baby Stuff 5 P100 August 7, 2017
Toys and Playthings 5
Beauty, Health and Grocery Medical and Health Equipment 2 P100 September 5, 2017
Beauty, Health and Grocery 5
Books, Sports and Hobbies Accessories and Parts for Musical Instruments 5 P100 September 26, 2017
Action Figures and Dolls 5
Airsoft (AEG) 5
Antiques 5
Billiards and Bowling 5
Binoculars and Parts 5
Board Games 5
Books 5
Brass Instruments 5
Camping and Biking 5
Cards 5
Coins and Currency 5
Combat Sports 5
Comics 5
Drawings and Paintings 5
Exercise and Body Building 5
Field Sports 5
Keyboard Instruments 5
Magazines 5
Memorabilia 5
Metal, Wood, and Glass 5
Needlework and Textiles 5
Percussion Instruments 5
Photographs and Prints 5
Racket Sports 5
Sculptures, Ceramic, and Clay 5
Skateboards and Rollerblades 5
Souvenirs and Giveaways 5
Sports Gear and Accessories 5
Stamps 5
String Instruments 5
Water Sports 5
Woodwind Instruments 5
Clothing and Accessories Accessories and Sunglasses 5 P100 No Change in Structure
Clothes 5
Costumes 5
Jewelry and Watches 5
Luggages, Bags and Wallets 5
Shoes and Footwear 5
Computers Accessories and Parts for Notebooks, Laptops and Netbooks 5 P100 September 5, 2017
Computer Monitors and LCDs 5
Desktops 5
Internet Gadgets 5
Networking and Servers 5
Notebooks, Laptops and Netbooks 5
Peripherals, Components, and Parts 5
Printers and Scanners 5
Software 5
Storage Devices 5
Consumer Electronics Amplifiers 5 P100 September 12, 2017
Antennas and Cables 5
Audio and Music 5
Camcorders and Cameras 5
CCTV and Security Products 5
Control Pads 5
Corded Phone 5
Cordless and Wireless Landline Phone 5
Game Cartridges and CDs 5
Game Systems (Consoles) 5
Handheld Systems 5
Headphones and Earphones 5
Media Players (CD, VCD, DVD, MP3 player) 5
Memory 5
Office and School Equipment 5
PDA and Handhelds (Non-phone Devices)Peripherals, Components, and Accessories for Camcorders and Cameras 5
Projectors 5
Radio and Walkie Talkie 5
Shows and Movies 5
Speakers 5
TVs (CRT, LCD, LED, Plasma) 5
Home and Furniture Air Conditioning and Heating 2 P100 September 19, 2017
Bath Room 5
Bed Room 5
Cooking and Ovens 5
Dining Room 5
Electric Fans 5
Family and Living Room 5
Flowers and Plants 5
Garden Items and Supplies 5
Home Tools and Accessories 5
Kids Room 5
Kitchen 5
Lighting and Electricals 5
Office 5
Other Kitchen Appliances 5
Outdoor Patio and Garden 5
Refrigerators and Freezers 2
Sewing Machines 2
Shed and Garage 2
Washing Machines and Dryers 2
Water Dispensers and Purifiers 2
Mobile Phones, Tablets and Smart Watches Accessories for Mobile Phones and Tablets 2 P20 September 5, 2017
Mobile Phones and Smartphones 2
Tablets 2
Pets and Animals Accessories for Pets 5 P100 September 19, 2017
Birds 5
Cats 5
Dogs 5
Exotic 5
Fish 5
Reptiles and Amphibians 5
Small Mammals 5

NOTE: Free Ads are not available for the categories below

Category Cost per Ad Slot
Services P150
Business and Earning Opportunities P150



We do everything we can to ensure that the prices of our paid ads per category are correct, and we try to keep our prices constant. Sometimes we need to change the cost of the paid ads, either up or down.

Prices may be subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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