How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Sponsored Ads

Get additional exposure for your ads by making them more noticeable and putting them in prime locations.

Sponsored Ads on desktop browser



Sponsored Ads on Android app



Sponsored ads on iOS app

Aside from giving your ads a look of legitimacy and trustworthiness, Sponsored Ads make your ads more visible to buyers by placing them in conspicuous spots on the site.

Availing of sponsored ads will display your listings in yellow boxes on the first four (4) slots on the top or bottom of desktop search results pages and the first two (2) slots on mobile when users search for relevant keywords.

Sponsored Ads appear based on how relevant the ad title is to the search keywords used.

In the example above, a search for “iphone” yields an iPhone listing in the Sponsored Ad box.

The cost of sponsoring your ad can be determined by multiplying  your bid amount per day times the number of days you want the ad to be sponsored like so:

Total cost of Sponsored Ad = (Bid amount per day) * (Number of days)

Click here to find out how to avail of Sponsored Ads on OLX.