How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How to avail OLX Gold Credits?

Make sure you're logged in to your OLX account via the desktop site.

STEP 1: Click “Buy OLX Gold Credits”

This can be found on the upper right corner of the screen.

STEP 2: Enter the information you want to appear in your Official Online Receipt. Then, check the box on the left side of "I agree with OLX Terms and Conditions" before proceeding to payment.



One (1) OLX Gold Credit costs Php 1.00.

Credits do not expire.

However, user accounts or advertisement deactivated due to violations of Terms and Conditions will result in the forfeiture of credits.


STEP 3: Select your preferred payment option. Wait until you are redirected to the complete set of instructions on how to pay.


When using a credit card or Paypal account, you can only purchase a maximum of P30,000 worth of OLX Gold Credits per month. Otherwise, there is no limit to how many you can buy.

However, you can only make up to a maximum of ten (10) pending/unpaid transactions.

Should a particular bank or payment outlet does not recognize your payment to OLX Philippines, try visiting a different branch or choose other payment options. Please also help us coordinate the matter accordingly by sending us the bank/outlet name and branch at We closely coordinate with banks and payment outlets to ensure your transactions go smoothly.


Payments are made to Netrepreneur Connections Enterprises, Inc. which OLX Philippines is under as a legal business entity. When paying over-the-counter, you can either use OLX, OLX Philippines or Sulit, as we are previously known as.

STEP 4: For Over-the-counter payments, immediately take note the payment procedure, Amount, Institution and Transaction Reference Number. 

For Real-time payments, once redirected to the site page, fill-up the required fields. Then proceed with payment.

  OLX Gold Credits Terms and Conditions

OLX Philippines reserves the right:

  • To reject advertisements that violate Rules and Policies and / or those that may not be morally acceptable as decided by
  • To reject advertisements that give reference to any illegal material and / or activity.
  • To strictly prohibit the promotion of counterfeit goods.
  • To not be bound by any condition appearing in any material that will be in conflict with these terms and conditions.
  • To hold no responsibility from advertising errors and / or wrong details provided by members/advertisers.
  • To accept and / or reject advertisements according to the policies set in these terms and conditions.
  • To discontinue advertisements which have already been promoted using OLX Gold and later found to be in violation of these terms and conditions.
  • To discontinue running OLX Gold features applied on advertisements.
  • To issue refunds on affected OLX Gold users.
  • To forfeit any payment for unused OLX Gold for a suspended account due to violation of’s Rules and Policies.
  • To give no refund for any violation of these terms and conditions.

Click here to download a copy of the Terms and Conditions:

OLX.ph_OLX Gold Terms and Conditions_20150526.pdf (100 KB)

That’s it! Congratulations! You can now use OLX Gold Credits!

To confirm if your request has been processed, check if the credits are available on the upper left side of your account page. You will also receive an email notification as soon as we have processed your OLX Gold Payment.

Processing time depends on the payment option used.

  • Real-time payments allow you to receive your OLX Gold Credits shortly after paying
  • Automated options such as BDO, LBC, Cebuana Lhuiller, and 7/11 payments as well as non-automated over-the-counter payments are processed within 48 hours or 2-3 business days from submission.


If your payment OLX Gold isn't reflected in your account after its respective processing time, please contact us for assistance by sending an email to or call us at 576-9591 and provide the following below:

1. Your OLX email and mobile number

2. Amount

3. Date of payment

4. Reference/transaction number

5. Clear copy/photo of your receipt, deposit slip, or screenshot of payment confirmation (e.g via your online bank account)

For PayPal payments:

1. Your OLX email and mobile number

2. Amount

3. Date of payment

4. PayPal account's email

5. Screenshot of the payment confirmation from PayPal

For credit card payments:

1. Your OLX email and mobile number

2. Amount

3. Date of payment

4. First 6 digits of credit card number

5. Last 4 digits of credit card number

6. Card type and issuing bank

7. Copy/photo of your billing statement (if available)

8. Or screenshot of your payment summary for your OLX Gold from your online bank account (if you have one)

All information provided to the Support Team will remain confidential and are used solely for checking and processing purposes.

For Dragonpay:

1. A screenshot of your Dragonpay payment confirmation

2. Your OLX account’s mobile and email