How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What is Express refresh?

Don’t let your ads get buried.

Express Refresh makes sure potential buyers get to see your ad even if the ad has been up for some time. It also assures buyers that your item is still available.

OLX displays search results with the most recent ads at the top and the older ones placed in latter slots and pages. This means if your ad has been posted for a week or so, chances are that it may have been bumped down the rankings already.

Using Express Refresh puts your ad back on top, extending its exposure to buyers. It also gives the ad another 28 days of active status.

Category Price iOS App Price
Real Estate for Sale P400  
Real Estate for Rent P400  
Cars and Automotives



Automotives Parts and Accessories P50  
Motorcycles and Scooters P50  
Motorcycles Parts and Accessories P50  
Services P150 P149
Jobs P100  
Business and Earning Opportunities P129  
Mobile Phones and Tablets P75 P99
Computers P50  
Consumer Electronics P50  
Pets and Animals P50  
Home and Furniture P75 P99
Beauty, Health and Grocery P50  
Clothing and Accessories P50  
Books, Sports and Hobbies P50  
Baby Stuff and Toys P50  
Construction and Farming P50  
Trucks P500  
Equipment (Construction Machines, Business & Industrial, Farming Machines) P50  
Spare Parts P50  

 **Difference in iOS app prices is due to limitations by the app store. 


Express Refresh gives your ad another 28 days of active status. This means that for example, You posted an ad on January 1 which will remain active 28 days, thus expiring on January 29.

Then, applied Express Refresh on January 22 resetting it’s post date on the same day of application and, therefore, adjusting its expiration date to February 25.

Click here to find out how to avail of Express Refresh on OLX or on the app.