How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Reporting Advertisements with Violations

How can I report an ad or seller, that appears to be violating the OLX rules and policies?

Reporting a violating member can easily be done by following these simple steps, for both desktop and mobile devices.

Step 1: Click the "Report" button, below the Ad page itself.

Step 2: Once clicked, a list of possible violations will appear. You may click the foremost offense which the member made. 


Step 3: A chosen violation will prompt you to an additional field wherein you can include other details regarding your report. And then, click Send.


Step 4: This final message will appear.


Before taking any actions upon receiving your report, we will review the ad, including the seller's history in our website. We may monitor the reported ad, send the seller a warning or remove the ad completely.

We usually won't suspend a seller's account unless the seller has violated our policies multiple times.

In accordance with our Protecting your Privacy article, OLX strictly prohibits disclosing any actions/information we take about the issue.