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How can we help you?

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What's Mutual Rating in my OLX app?

What is mutual rating?

Mutual rating is a rating and feedback system within the OLX community that enables buyers and sellers to give a star rating and descriptive feedback to each other based on the transactions.

The mutual rating is available via the chat feature of the OLX apps.


What does the star rating mean?

The star rating is given to signify a summary of your overall experience with transacting with a seller. The star rating for a particular user will be computed, aggregated and will be displayed in their account.

Star Rating Matrix



5 star

Very Satisfied

4 star


3 star

Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied

2 star


1 star

Very Dissatisfied

Where will the star rating be displayed?

Note: The star rating that will be given from June to July will not yet be displayed in the app. We will update you when we will display the star rating.

There will be a series of tests to determine the most effective display of the star rating.


Can I give multiple rating and feedback to one seller?

Yes. Every chat transaction with a seller enables you to give rating and feedback. However, your rating and feedback will be updated to the latest one that you gave and will not be accumulated as different entries of rating and feedback.


Can I see the rating and feedback given to me?

Right now, we are not displaying the rating and feedback given to you. But we will update you once the feature is up!


Can I see the rating and feedback I gave?

Not yet. We will let you know if this is something that will be released in the feature.


Can I give rating and feedback even if did not transact?

Nope. We want to ensure that our buyer and seller already has a transaction before they are able to give rating and feedback. We track a transaction via the chat feature in the app only.