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How can we help you?

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How do I use 'Ads Nearby' in my OLX app?

How can you take advantage of 'Ads Nearby'?

As a seller, you want to use this to let your buyers know where you prefer meeting in to complete the transaction. 'Ads Nearby' let's you do just that by tagging not just cities or streets but pin-pointing specific places like malls, restaurants, and office buildings.

Here's how you do it:

STEP 1: Tap the Location field in the apps' Sell Form.


STEP 2: Enter a specific location.


STEP 3: Select your preferred location from the list of related results.


STEP 4: Check the location and tap 'Done' to proceed.


'Ads Nearby' is also a useful feature when you're browsing deals near you. You can browse all type of ads nearby OR search for a particular item near you.


Find all types of ads or items being sold near you:

STEP 1: Open your OLX app and tap 'View all Ads Nearby'

STEP 2: Browse all available ads near your area!


To browse ads for a specific item near you, follow do this instead:

STEP 1: Search for a particular item using the search bar. After getting the results, sort the ads by selecting 'Ads Nearby'.

STEP 2: Discover sellers selling the item near you!