How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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I received a chat from regarding participating in a test. Is this real?

No need to worry. We are running a test right now wherein chosen OLXers are asked to participate.

Participating in the test is free and takes 10-15 minutes only. Keep in mind that official tests conducted by our Team will not involved asking of payment or purchasing items.

What is the test?

We are testing different ways for a community rating system through star-rating concept or approach.

If you are a seller, and you marked an item as sold or have accumulated a certain number of contacts, you'll be asked if you want your buyers to rate you. If you want a rating, we will ask your buyer’s mobile number to send him/her a rating request.

Once the buyer gives a rating, it will reflect in your seller profile in your ad’s detail page. This rating is temporary and will be displayed within the testing period only. You can also rate your buyer in the same way. However, the rating will not be reflected in their profile.

If you are a buyer, and a seller has requested a rating from you, you will receive a message asking if you want to rate your seller. You can rate the seller from 1-5 star, 5 being the highest. In turn, the seller can also give you a rating. The rating will not be reflected in your profile, however.

Both type of requests will be done via’s official chat message.