How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How do I manage my ads on the mobile site?

How can I edit, delete or check my active ads?
To edit, delete or check your active ads, simply login through the OLX mobile app using your mobile device and click your chosen ad from "My Account" and select ‘Options’ tab.
What other options do I have to edit my ad using the web?
To edit your ads, you may also use the OLX full site with a desktop computer or laptop.
Can I still post an ad/ sell an item using the mobile site?
Yes, you can still post an ad using the mobile site. However, ad posting is limited to one guest ad posting at a time only. Should you want to continue to post a new ad right after, you’d have to reconfirm your ad once again.
How do I post an ad/sell an item using the mobile site?
  1. Sell an item on the mobile site by tapping on the ‘Sell an item’ button at the lower part of the mobile site. Once tapped, it will redirect you to the ‘OLX Post an Ad / Sell Form’
  2. Complete the form and hit ‘Submit’
  3. You’ll receive a code through SMS which will serve as your confirmation. Use this code on the site to confirm your ad
How can I continuously sell my items using my mobile device?
To continuously sell your items via mobile, simply download or use the OLX app.
Using the app will no longer prompt you to keep confirming your ads.

Download the OLX app for your device now at the links below!

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