How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How can I get more ad inquiries?

As a seller, you'd probably asked yourself "How do I make sure my ad gets attention?". We've all been there, and know that the sooner your ad gets posted, the sooner you get inquiries from buyers, and eventually a sale. How do you make sure your ad gets posted and receive more inquiries?

Get the most out of your ad and start receiving inquiries instantly after posting      by using these guidelines.

How should I write my title?
  • Keep your title short and sweet .
    • Avoid: "Selling my Mazda 6 w/ full exhaust and cold air intake and GT wing"
    • Use: "Mazda 6 2004 Loaded"
  • Use keywords that your viewers will most likely use when searching for your ad.

Keeping the title short makes your ad easier to be generated by the website when searched. Also, using popular keywords that are related to your ad makes it easier for your buyers to find it.

What do I put in my description?
  • Item brand, model, and specification.
  • A brief history about the item--how, when, and where did you acquire it.
    • Ex. "Selling my mom's old Note 3. Got this from our company Christmas party last year as the grand prize."
  • How old is the item?
  • Is it negotiable?
  • Your preferred meet up locations.
  • Lastly, save your primary mobile number in your account instead of placing them in the description.
  • RFS (Reason for Selling)
    • Ex. "RFS: Need extra cash for new DSLR."
Buyers prefer having all the information about an item before committing. Putting all the information listed above helps entice and encourage your viewers to get in touch and eventually deal with you. 
What type of photos should I use?
Using actual photos that are taken from different angles allows your viewers to visually inspect the item, and help them make a decision instantly. This means higher chances of closing a deal!
How should I price my ad?
  • Always post the actual selling price of the item.
  • Post discounted prices whenever you can and indicate the original price in the description.
  • If your prices or rates vary, post the minimum (you would normally charge) and mention others in the description.
  • Don't forget to indicate whether the item is brand new or used.

It may not seem like it, but these information are factors that actually dismiss a buyer's hesitation to commit, making them more determined to purchase from you.

Price and item condition, are often the two biggest factors for buyers, in making a decision whether to deal with a seller or not. Posting misleading prices and condition will only turn buyers away rather than encourage them into a deal.

Given that the guidelines above are put into work, here's how an ideal and effective ad would look like.

Aside from helping you get more inquiries, following these guidelines also help prevent your ad from being moderated by our Screening Team.

If you need assistance in posting or making your ad more effective, shoot us an email at