How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What should I put in my ad title and description?

How should I write my ad title?

  • Should be specific to one item only
  • Use words that best describe your item
  • Use words that will most likely be used by your viewers when searching for your ad
  • Avoid using long titles and those that contain excessive text
  • Use the best keyword(s) related to what you're selling
  • Do not include links, contact information, and other unrelated texts

What should I include in my ad description?

Here are some important details to include in your ad description:

  • Brand, model, size, and other specifications
  • How old is your item?
  • Is your price negotiable?
  • What is your RFS (reason for selling)?
  • Where is your preferred meet-up?
  • It should match your ad title and photos
  • Write about one item only--the item you're promoting in your ad title and photos
  • Does not contain repetitive words, keywords, or phrases.


This Applies in Cars and Real Estate categories (Users must put their mobile number in their profile and NOT in the ad description or title. This lets interested buyers contact you directly through the Call and SMS features available on all OLX ads. Alternatively, users may also use the Chat Seller option to get in touch with you.)