How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How do I use DragonPay?

STEP 1: BuyOLX Gold by selecting any of the Over-the-counter payment options.


STEP 2: Agree to OLX Terms and Conditions and Click ‘Continue’. You will then be redirected to the Dragonpay payment portal.

STEP 3: Select which payment facility you want to use, agree to Dragonpay’s terms and conditions and click ‘Continue’.


STEP 4: Input your email address to receive the payment instructions and click the ‘Send Instructions via Email’ button

STEP 5: Follow instructions found in the email (Pay, Validate Payment, Wait for payment confirmation).

STEP 6: Make sure that you will receive the payment confirmation from Dragonpay.

STEP 7: After your payment has been confirmed, your purchased OLX Gold credit will reflect on your OLX account balance.