How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What type of photos should I use?

Here are the general guidelines on what type of photos are best for your advertisements:

  • Actual photos of the item
  • Photo must depict one particular item only; the item you're promoting in your ad
  • The photos should depict or are exactly about the item you're promoting in your ad title and description
  • Photos should be clear and of relatively good quality
  • No URLs/links, email addresses, prices, mobile numbers and excessive texts. You can, however, put your watermarks on your photos as long as they do not compromise the image of the item in the photos
  • Does not depict violence, nudity, and offensive images

If you're selling a 2nd hand item, we highly recommend using photos of the actual item.

  • Seeing photos of actual items entice and attracts users to view your advertisement
  • This gives your potential buyers a visual representation of the item's actual condition, helping them make an informed decision
  • Upload at least 2-3 photos of the item, and take pictures of it in different angles as much as possible



On the other hand, photos borrowed from other sources may be used for brand new items that are still sealed. 



What if I'm posting under categories such as Services, Jobs, and Business Earning Opportunities?

For these types of ads, it's best to use any of the following below:

  • Business/company logo

  • Service rendered

  • Text photo

  • Simple clip art