How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How do I confirm my ads via SMS?

What is confirming ads via SMS and how does it work?

Confirm Ad via SMS is our newest feature that allows you to easily confirm your ads through SMS.

This SMS or text message will only be sent to users who haven’t confirmed their OLX ad/s within an hour from the time of posting.


How do I confirm my ads SMS?

To confirm your OLX ad/s, simply reply with YES and we will automatically confirm all your unconfirmed ads. You will receive another SMS notifying you how many of your ads were confirmed.


The only official number of our Confirm Ad SMS is 29290 659 (OLX) powered by Chikka.

NOTE: If your ad reaches the paywall or the point when additional ad slots are required, your ad will not be confirmed. You will be asked to log-in and confirm purchase first before we can post your ad/s on OLX.