How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What are duplicate ads?

Duplicate ads are two or more advertisements that have similar items/services, ad titles, ad descriptions, and/or photos posted by the same user.

Users will receive a Duplicate Ad alert if their post is highly similar to an existing active, moderated or ads that the user has deactivated or marked sold 28-days after its posting date. As a general rule, users can only post 1 ad per item as duplicate ads are a no-no on our site.

Deactivating an ad, and then recreating it is as a new ad is discouraged in OLX. This is to give a fair chance to other users to have their ads exposed in the first page, upon posting. You may wait for your ad to last until the 28th day, and then reactivate it before the 15-day Archived status, considering that there are still available Free Slots under the ad category. Reactivating the ad will have another 28 day exposure in our website.

To ensure that you do no have any doubled advertisement and to avoid incurring a penalty for your account, make it a habit to check your advertisements constantly.

Would you like to have your ad be seen on top of the listings? Use Refresh or Sponsored Ads instead.