How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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How and when would I pay?

For Metro Manila Sellers, the 4% transaction fee will be deducted before your earnings are deposited into your account. For non-BPI, accounts, there is an additional P15 disbursal fee.

Disbursal schedule is as follows:

    • BPI: Daily disbursal 3 days after delivery;
    • Non-BPI: Weekly disbursal every Wednesday to include delivered transactions from Sunday to Saturday of the previous week

From April to May, we have a special promotion where disbursal fee of P15 for non-BPI accounts are waived.

For Provincial Sellers, we will send a billing to you via email. The payment instructions will be included in the billing. We will cut-off every 25th of the month, and the bill will sent 1st week of the following month. Due date will be 15 days after Statement Date. In the Statement of Account we will indicate the bank account where they can deposit.