How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What is the OLX Ad Performance Dashboard?

The OLX Ad Performance Dashboard is a simple tool that shows users the performance of their ads divided into Paid and Free views.

Paid views are views contributed by purchasing a value added service

Free views are views that gathered naturally by the ad from organic browsing behavior of buyers

Contacts are the number of people who attempted to contact you via email, SMS or through phone. This number maybe higher than the number of people who actually contacted you.


How do I access the Ad Performance Dashboard?

After logging in, go to your Manage Ads page, select and ad from your active ads, from the options drop down, select Ad Performance


Is the access of the dashboard free?

Yes. Anyone can use the ad performance dashboard to view the performance of their ads.


What are the information that I can retrieve from the dashboard?

You may retrieve the following:

  • Paid Ad Views (if your ad has been applied with a paid feature)
  • Free Ad Views
  • Actual Views - Filtered daily, weekly or monthly


How updated is the information found in the dashboard?

The dashboard is showing information with a 24-hour delay. This is to ensure that all views are accounted for the whole day.  



The system only started recording the ad performance in the detail last August 22, 2017.

Paid Views before that date are not counted in detail.