How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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What can I expect from the OLX Chat?

OLX’s CHAT is waaaayyyy faster and better. Here are some of the new features that is in store for you in the new chat:

  1. New design. Our UI is cleaner and much simpler so all you have to do is to close that transaction with your buyer or seller.
  2. User Threads. With the all-new chat, your chat messages link you directly with users, instead of their ads
  3. Send Photos and Location. You can now easily send photos and locations to another OLX user! If you’re a buyer and you want to see more photos from the seller, go ahead ask for more! If you’re a seller and you want to ask your buyer where he is for your meet-up, you can request the buyer to send you their location.
  4. Messaging Indicator. The all-new chat also has lots of nifty new features that indicate  the time stamps, if a message was sent, if a message was delivered, and if a message has been seen. It will also show you if the person you’re chatting with is typing  and whether they’re online or not.